Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Childhood Lost

Bond. James Bond.
Not the first to utter those words, not the last, but Roger Moore WAS James Bond when I was a child.
As I was driving, I heard on the radio that today, May 23rd, 2017, he finally succumbed to the bastard that is cancer. That is a tremendous blow to an iconic franchise. It is also a tremendous loss from my childhood.
I grew up watching the movies, reading and rereading the Fleming novels, reading and rereading the Gardner novels, buying the companion book... Always trying to find a way to incorporate his mannerisms in my daily life. James Bond was quintessential Hollywood to me.
Being born in the early 70's, I came along a little too late to consider Sean Connery the "real" Bond and that bias stays with me today. Roger Moore was and always will be THE James Bond for me.
In addition to Bond, there were other films but nothing came close to his 007. The man was also a literal Saint.
I struggle for words to describe how I feel right now, this loss seems so much different than any of the other celebrities we have lost recently. How does one express such a great loss of their childhood?
I imagine I will be rewatching some movies in the foreseeable future.
Rest in peace, Mr. Bond. Rest in peace, Roger Moore. To me you are one in the same. It seems that the evil Spectre of death has finally caught up to your seemingly immortal life.

Friday, 21 April 2017

"Full of It" Friday

You can probably hear the following somewhere close to you today (today being April 21, 2017)...

Friday! Yeah! End of the week! Weekend is coming!





Please... do not fall in to the trap that the corporate world has created. The week does not end. The week does not even begin. There is only day after day after day day of hustle and grind and work and sweat and tears and blood and (insert cute work analogy here). Why on earth would you stop working towards the end goal if you knew that continuing to work meant you got it sooner? 


There are how many "weekends" in a year? 52. That means that over a 3 year period there are 156 weekends. That is 312 days. 

312 days. 

10 months, 12 days.

If your end goal, your perfect dream, your retirement was going to take 4 years to achieve, and instead of working 5 days a week, you worked 7, you would reach that goal ALMOST a year early. 


What is stopping you from achieving your dreams... I will tell you what is stopping you from achieving your dreams. The corporate mentality that has been mentally beat in to our heads from a very early age that Saturday and Sunday are days of rest. I will rest when I am done. You should to. 

I know what my endgame is. I have exact plans that I can describe down to the very last detail. I know exactly how old I want to be when I retire. I know exactly how I want to live. I know exactly where I want to live. 


Plan your future. Where do you want to be 1 year from now? Where do you want to be 5 years from now? 10 years from now? You always hear about SMART goals. The first letter in SMART is S and it represents SPECIFIC. If your goals are not specific, pinpoint accurate, how can you expect to figure out how to achieve them? Nail down that goal. 

Say out loud for the world to hear...


Do not let anyone or anything or any amount of time or any antiquated way of thinking stand in the way of your dream.


As always comments and questions are welcome!!!

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

News and more!

April has been a really fun month so far. Lots to talk about, so let's get to it!

Kid Coach Canada will be at The Parent Bazaar in Mississauga on May 27th, 10am until 2pm so be sure to stop by the business vendor section to fill out a ballot to win over $2,000 of services and products! Visit www.theparentbazaar.com for directions and more information!

Social Media Tip of the Day
If on Instagram, you want to use the maximum number of hashtags to get the greatest exposure. That number is thirty! Also, for some good engagement, be sure to ask a question for your followers to respond to and be sure to respond to their response as well! Engagement is critical to maintain a following.

Some more news on the Kid Coach front, now that my set up is up and running you can expect to see videos from me on YouTube. Adpocalypse aside, I will continue to post on YouTube regardless. Quality content with a humorous twist is definitely incoming.

Signing off now, but pray for me. I am a Capitals fan in a Leafs household...

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Today Brings a Powerful Message

This morning I was perusing Facebook as I am wont to do as I wait for my kids to get ready for school and I came across a post from a very good friend that was a simple link to an image I had seen before many times but never really took the time to fully grasp how close it was in meaning to my life. 

When I say my life, I truly mean it as my life has had a bit of a renaissance of late. New career, new outlook on relationships both personal and interpersonal, needless to say there are a lot of new things in my life that echo this image that I will post at the end of today's blog. 

About a week and a half ago, I attended a workshop in Toronto that was primarily a real estate expo but also had business and self-advancement coaching there as well, which was the primary reason for my attending. On of the people I truly look up to, Tony Robbins, was there and his three and a half hour spectacle (no better word to describe it) ended the day on such a high note, it was impossible to go back to the way of life I was living previous. It was almost as though my senses had been re-awakened. I saw things differently, I smelled things differently, I was living life differently. 

Tony Robbins talks about taking massive action and I thought that was just a catch-phrase at first. Now I know what he truly means. Massive action involves looking down in to your very core and seeing what truly makes you happy. Amongst others, your career should make you happy. I don't mean your job, I mean your career. Another friend of mine recently reminded me that jobs are something for kids to do over summer. If you are working full time and are out of school, then your "job" is your career. If your career does not make you happy, then you need to take massive action to change that. Why would you spend more than half of your waking hours doing something that does not make you happy?

Now, before I hear the clamour of those that think that they have no options... allow me to point you to your cell phone. That piece of technology has more power than the lunar lander that took man to the moon in 1969. 

Think about that for a second. 

Really think about that.

Okay, are you back? 

Good. Let's continue. 

Today, thousands of people are finding their passion and marketing their passion using that very cell phone. I have a cousin who is selling makeup. I have a friend who is promoting their gaming ideas. It is the core of my business where I help parents and their Gen Z kids (I can help anyone though, so don't be afraid to ask! www.kidcoach.ca). 

So, today take massive action. 

Find your passion.

Find out how to sell it.

Use the tools available to you, you know, that phone in your hand that you are probably reading this blog from.

Take it and run with it, but don't just listen to me. Listen to the creator of Calvin and Hobbes, Bill Watterson. (art by zenpencils.com) If the image is too small to read, click on the link below.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

So... How are we doing?

We are now a few days/weeks/months/years in to your local government being in power. How are we doing? Has anything truly changed for you in your life? Are you better off? Are you worse off? I am talking tangible changes that have affected your life directly. Not something that may affect you in the future, not something that you don't like but has nothing to do with you. Something that your government has done that directly affects how you live your life.

Here's the punchline...

This blog post could be made at anytime by anyone, anywhere. The majority of people who read this post are unaffected by their government and the choices they make. Also, anyone who lets the government truly affect their lifestyle has lots of options. You could move? You could choose to live a different lifestyle? You could make the ultimate choice and create your own lifestyle by finally buckling down and starting your own business!

Your smartphone has more technology than the lunar lander did in 1969. You can literally, right now, start and run a business just with your phone. It may or may not be what I am doing right now! Check out kidcoach.ca for more details. I promise you won't worry about who's in charge anymore because you will be.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Mini rant post inauguration...

Come on people... Relax.

It has been not even one day in to Trump's presidency and the claws are out. Have you not learned anything?

First off, what good comes from being so negative? What kind of message are you sending your kids? Could you not be using that energy to better yourself? Take that time to invest in a new business, spend time with your family, virtually anything else positive...

Knowing that you are in charge of your own life, knowing you control your destiny, with that knowledge you decide to spend your time in such a negative fashion?

Now I know I am not speaking to everyone who reads this. A lot of you are positive beacons of light in the lives of the people around you.

BUT... to those of you who take time out of your day to post recklessly on Facebook, Twitter and any other form of social media, please rethink what you want to do with your free time and how you can better serve your family, your friends... YOURSELF.


Friday, 20 January 2017

Inauguration Day!

I am sitting here, watching the Inauguration of Donald Trump as the latest President of the United States of America and I remembered something very important...

When it comes to personal income and how your income affects your life, IT DOES NOT MATTER who is leading the government of the USA, IT DOES NOT MATTER who is leading the government of Canada (where I am from), IT DOES NOT MATTER who your local government is.

What matters is that you understand all of the above statements and that you are in 100% control of your life. Your life, your income, your personal happiness... All of these are your responsibility. No one else's.

This is why Kid Coach Canada has been created.This is why on January 30th, kidcoach.ca will be live and will have tools, systems, videos... everything you need to create that income so that you do not have to worry about political affiliations.

Everything you need to start a business is right in your hand... your cell phone.

There is more technology in your cell phone today than there was in the lunar lander that first landed on the moon. THINK ABOUT THAT. Your smart phone is more powerful than something that took human lives in to outer space.

With that piece of knowledge in your pocket, please check in on kidcoach.ca on January 30th. Trust me, it will be worth your time.

Find kidcoachcanada on the following social media platforms...


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